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University Mangtaa is a absolute integrated University Management System, which can be used to manage, maintain and secure your university’s day to day business. It is designed to automate the entire operations of a contemporary university. University Mangtaa encompasses fully independent functional modules each designed to increase the competence of the departments in a university and to provide information effectively.

University Mangtaa automates all the university transactions, internal work flow procedures of a university as well as the interaction with the students, faculty, instructors, non-teaching staff, parents, alumni and the management. The University Mangtaa allows universities to create a more structured organization, increase the transaction handling capacity and improves the system of internal control.

University Mangtaa provides very flexible, easy-to-use user interface and parameterized options important securable application. University Mangtaa provides any-time inquiry about any student information, in addition to other administrative information related to student affairs like attendance, documents, marks, transcript, courses and many more to help the administration departments in decision making and full status monitoring. It provides a complete student lifecycle stability, as student’s progress from their first year of joining, till the time they graduate and even become alumni.


The Registration Modules Manages All Information Pertaining To Prospective Students.
Board/Statutory Committee Meeting – Agenda, Schedule, Minutes And Notes Suggestions.
Placement module provides assistance to students preparing for higher education and/or career placement.
The details of department from the date of inception can be stored under department history.
The maintenance of infrastructure is an important aspect of institution's administration.
Our research management module has been designed to meet the unique needs within higher education and research institutes.

SaaS model-low cost automation

SaaS, a Software as a Service provider is a new delivery method and choice available today for K-12 and Higher Education Enterprise Systems. It is a massively scalable, offsite infrastructure accessible on demand across the internet on a pay-per-use basis eliminating upfront investment costs. In this challenging economic environment, UniversityMangtaa.com enables institutions to drastically reduce their IT costs involved in automating their administrative and academic processes. Thus University Mangtaa is right time for accelerated adoption of SaaS in education institutions of any sizes. Both server compute and storage capacity can be accessed in near real-time, when needed, without waiting for resources to be assembled in an on-premise data center testing. Read More...

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Customized Application

In order to answer your question,
I think it makes sense to distinguish between customization and configuration University Mangtaa provides the ability to achieve a great number of user-requested features and functionality.Read More...