Facilitates Fast Easy Scheduling And Eliminates The Tedious Task Of Manual Scheduling And Tracking.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a flexible scheduler, defining schedule patterns, course types and sections – automated with manual override.
  • You can lock course sections to room and periods.
  • Offers the flexibility to manually assign rooms, day patterns, faculty and students to specific courses.
  • Easy resolutions of students or faculty course or scheduling conflicts.

You can create a schedule based on numerous variables:

  • Analyze the student tally to ensure you have applicable sections.
  • Review the conflict matrix report.
  • Minimize potential conflicts by verifying student course requests aren't too high/low.
  • Assign teams to sections.
  • Assign link codes to sections.

Manual scheduling handles multifaceted schedule patterns, you can use scheduling tools:

  • Transfer last year’s schedule into the current academic year and make adjustments as needed.
  • Lock in rooms, periods/day patterns, semesters, and/or faculty on specific sections.
  • Create specific schedule patterns.
  • Bypass teacher conflicts with just a few clicks.