Institute Will Have An Advanced Communication System For The Activities Like:

  • College Circulars
  • General Holidays
  • Complaint Box
  • Technical Forum
  • Document Management System
  • Simple Messaging System

Key Features & Benefits:

  • All Circulars Can Be Posted On Online Bulletin Board.
  • The Technical Forum Enables Knowledge Sharing and Enrichment amongst the Students
  • Student’s Observation Can Be Entered on Daily Basis, Which Can Be Used for Internal Assessment of the Students.
  • The Simple Messaging System Acts As A Message Board In General And Memo In Particular.
  • System Manages The Details Of Intercom Of University And Provides The Information On Need.
  • System Should Support Intranet Messaging, Mail, Ftp, And Web Server Management System
  • System Should Support Personal Planner And Reminder System.
  • Video Conferencing Should Be Providing At Inner University And Expert Lecture With Industry Persons.