E-Tendering is one of the modules of University ERP, which facilitates the complete tendering process from the advertising of the requirement through to the signing / finalizing of the contract. This includes the exchange of all relevant documents in electronic format.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Online Registration for Tender.
  • Down Load Facility of Tender Documents, for Example Tender form, BOQ, Technical & Financial bid document etc
  • Online Estimate Creation Facilities by Consultant.
  • BOQ (Bill of Quantity) Creation Facility.
  • Online BOQ Purchasing and Submission.
  • Technical Bid and Financial Bid entry and Evaluation
  • Online payment facility for BOQ, EMD etc.
  • Tracking Tender Status
  • Online creation of Agreement / lease deed / Memorandum Letter.
  • Reduced tender Cycle-Time.
  • Fast and Accurate pre-Qualification and Evaluation, which Enables the Automatic Rejection of Suppliers that fail to meet the Tender Specification
  • Faster Response to Questions and Points of Clarification During the Tendering Period
  • Reduction in the labor Intensive Tasks of Receipt, Recording and distribution of Tender Submissions.
  • Reduction of the Paper Trail on Tendering Exercises, thereby Reducing Costs.
  • Improved Quality of Tender Specification and supplier Response.
  • Provision of quality supplies at Best Prices.

Major Objectives:

  • Increased Transparency, Monitoring and Control of Procurement Process.
  • Ensuring Consistency in goods and Services Costs at the Best Price Across all Departments
  • Enabling Pre-Qualified Vendors the Opportunity to Access of other Government Departments.
  • Eliminating or Automating non-value Adding steps within the Procurement to Enable Efficient and Effective Processes.
  • Level Playing Field and "fair" Competitive Platform for the Suppliers.
  • Wider Supplier Base to choose from the pre-qualified Vendor List.
  • Ensure Quality Supplies at Best Prices.