Updating the students and visitors with the latest updates of institution can be handled by the News module. This module provides the aid of quickly updating the website by adding articles, press releases, news, information and other content of the website.

Key Features & Benefits of News Management:

  • Add and display news.
  • Modifications and updating news periodically

Every institute is filled with events round the year. Its very important to plan everything accordingly, including dates, facilities and other details. Event management module handles everything and organizes event with prior planning.

Event Management

Event Manager is one of the finest calendar-based institutional facility event management programs that are fully customizable for customer-specific needs. This high-tech yet user-friendly environment is simple to use and features on-screen help menus along with a convenient user's guide. Whether you are looking to manage competitions in arts/sports, evaluate individual/group/class-wise performances or conduct a campus election, Honeycomb Event Manager Can handles it all precisely, systematically and quickly with absolute fineness.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Setup events calendar
  • Manage competitions in arts and sports
  • Participant registration
  • Points definition
  • Points entry
  • Result display
  • Individual/group/class-wise performance
  • Inter zone cultural and sports activities
  • Election supervision complete with definition of posts, publishing of results etc
  • Organize extra curricular activities such as: clubs, houses, dance, music etc
  • Send event e-alerts
  • Generate customized reports
  • Adding same event for single or multiple days at a time
  • Searching for available facilities to schedule the event
  • Sending invitations to attend the events
  • Avoid clashing