Examination Module Is Most Important Modules Of System. It Will Cover All Necessary Details, Past Data, Rules & Regulation Related To Examination.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • The System Should Store The Data Required To Firm An Examination Panel Like Course Name, Subject Expertise, Curriculum, Details, And Involvement In Other Panel Etc.
  • It Must Keep Track To Changes In Curriculum Effective Year And It Must Be Confirm With The Examination, And Should Include Status Like Old Course, New Course Etc.
  • Supporting Tools To Identify Chairman, Appointment Letter For Chairman, Appointment Letter For Examiners, Paper Submission Forwarding Letter, Instructions For Examiner, A Acceptance Letter Of Examiners.
  • System Should Keep Tack For Change In Examiner, Reports Required For Assessment Center, Dummy And Dispatching Details, And Final Remuneration Of Examination.
  • Report Of Continuous Evaluation Components, Mid Term-End Term Evaluation, Letter Grade And Grade Points To Students, Announcement Of Results.
  • Students Performance Analysis
  • Result Publishing And Maintenance Of Academic Records
  • Award Of Degree
  • Grant Utilization Management
  • Office File System Management

Course Scheduler

Establishes a university "course offering". Prepare schedules or time-tables automatically for courses and instructors, the periodic days and hours in which courses must delivered and instructors will teach. Editing schedules without exasperation. Run Course Scheduler for course section by instructor by days and hours of the week.

  • Course & section information
  • Set instructor preference
  • Generate classroom schedule
  • Optimal course schedule / time-table
  • Student registration in courses
  • Facilities (rooms, labs, halls, etc.) location, capacity & features

Classroom Scheduler Efficiently allocates courses into their respective class rooms; automatically generate your classroom schedules with visuals, when you need to allocate courses to rooms and buildings. The engine of Classroom Scheduler module takes into consideration an array of variables and scheduling preferences. No problem if you need to reschedule a course or room. You only need Room Data and Course Data files to generate schedules.

Students get minimal back-to-back exams, while university registrars take into account room capacity, professor preferences, and other constraints.