File Movement System automates file movement within the different departments of an organization thus introducing a transparency in a system where volume of files generated is very high.

This system provides instant tracking of any new file generated on the basis of date, subject, file number, section, location etc., and it also generates a single register for the reference of the individual section

Key Features & Benefits:

  • File's Origination status.
  • File's Movement Status in the Department.
  • Status Related to Exact Location of file.
  • Remarks set by the person Concerned During Escalation Status.
  • Advanced Search on various Parameters (Date, File no, Section, Title, File Created By, Status, Party, Physical location).
  • Find out file in case the file is misplaced.
  • Improve decision making with real-time metrics and role-based Dashboards.
  • Advanced search on various parameters can be done.
  • Complete file life cycle is available online, hence Management can always keep hold of response time.
  • In the case of adverse situation, like a file is on hold or escalated for some reason, information is stored along with the comments of the authorized officer.

Major Objectives:

  • Automation of the File movement with an organization
  • Tracking of files
  • Monitoring of inward/outward of all files.