This Module Will Fully Integrates Room Assignment And Rooms Fee Details With The Student Management System And Finance And Accounting Modules

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Manage Dormitory / Hostel Enrollment. During The Admission Process, Students Requesting Dormitory / Hostel Facilities Are Identified And Rooms Are Assigned Based On Requested Size And Availability.
  • Determine Payment Frequency, Payment Mode, Fee Type, Payment Plans, And Penalties.
  • Manage Dormitory / Hostel Infrastructure.
  • Record And Manage Inventory And Assets In The Dormitory Or Hostel Rooms.
  • Track Costs, Fee And Maintenance And Charge Damages Against Security Deposits.
  • Generate The Following Reports: Man Days, Miscellaneous Charges, Common Expenditures, Inventory Usage, And Pending Fees.

Key Sub Modules:

Student Hostel Admissions, Accommodation & Financial Accounting:

Hostel Admissions & Fees Collection At The Start Of Semester – Room Allotment & Room Charge – Hostel Admission Cancellation & Refund Of Fees – Calculation Of Electricity, Water & Other Charges Including Breakages – Issuance Of Various Certificates Related To Hostel – Students Registers – Hostel Accounts – Mess Bill, Contractor, Payroll & Loans Payment & Receipts – Monthly Dues Collection – Caution Money Record.

Mess Management:

Join The Mess, Mess Cut, Mess Change, Mess Dues, Issue Of Mess-Slips – Direct Purchase Of Items Like Vegetable, Milk, Eggs, Etc. By Mess – Prepare Mess Bill – Diners Attendance Management, Details of Provision S and Other Consumables, Guest/Extras- Prepare Dues List, Prepare Eligible Diners List

Hostel Staff Management:

Establishment (Appointment, Increments, Termination, Service Record, Leave), Salary, Arrears, Pf, Loans & Advances

Hostel Central Stores Purchase/Distribution:

Purchase Of Daily & Monthly Items – Distribution Of Items – Fuel Distribution To Mess – Keep Up-To-Date Inventory Of Provisions, Re-Order Alerts, Annual Stock Report, And Current Stock Report

Digital Messaging System

This Module Offers A Comprehensive Control System For Distribution Of Information Throughout The Institution Or District.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Defined Groups Of Staff And Students Can Be Created To Receive Online Information.
  • Parent E-Mail Groups Can Be Set Up And Class-Related E-Mails Can Be Sent Out.
  • Online Access To Circulars, Events, Schedule Changes And Urgent Messages Requiring Responses.
  • Track And Record All Details Of External Communication, And Use As A Personal Information Management Tool.

Control Information

  • Define And Maintain Groups Of Staff And Student Who Are To Receive Online Information
  • Set Up A Routing System To Track The Approval Process Of Important Notices And Policies.
  • Access And Send Circulars, Urgent Messages, Schedule Changes, Etc.
  • Receive Message Notification When Logging In To