This module helps u to have a total control over the section of institution which includes purchase, updation, maintenance etc.

Purchase :

  • Vendor Management
  • Invite Quotation/Tender
  • Calling, Data Entry And Penalty Management
  • EMD Management
  • Refunding/Canceling
  • Negotiation And Order Placing
  • Receipt, Cross Checking And Installation Of Equipments
  • Stock Registering – Pass-Order Preparation
  • Contingency Bill Preparation
  • Sanctioned Bill And Invoice To Account For Payment
  • Closing/Re-Opening Of The Purchase Record
  • Account Wise Purchase Details
  • Part Payment Management.

Distribution Management:

  • On-Line Request Facility, Sections Should Be Able To Search For Availability Of Items
  • List Of Individuals / Sections Whose Request Not Satisfied
  • Statement Of Distribution Of An Item Or Items For A Period.

Estate Work And Maintenance:

  • Cost Estimation Of Construction Work
  • Profile Keeping Of Contractors
  • Tender Inviting Quotation Verification
  • Period Material Utilization Details Keeping, Periodic Payment Calculation
  • Work Status Verification, Stage Certificate
  • Part Payment Management, Settlement
  • Income Tax/Service Tax Deduction.

Inventory Management:

  • Classification And Stocking
  • Register Maintenance
  • Consumables/Assets
  • Assets Location Identification
  • Repair / Maintenance Of Assets, Automatic Updating Of Stock On Purchase And Distribution
  • Stock Verification
  • Annual Stock Reports, Split Reports, Automatic Reordering Alerts, Utilization Analysis
  • Performance Evaluation Of Purchase And Distribution
  • Comparison Statement.

Asset Detailing And Required Reports:

  • Allow Authenticated User (Staff/Admin) To Enter Asset Name And Their Specific Details And Once Specific Item Is Entered In Specific Category Duplication Will Be Not Allowed In Future.
  • Allow Authenticated User To Generate Reports Like: Vendor Details, Price Details, Allocation Of That Asset To Which Department/College, And Asset Specific Other Details.
  • Should Give Alarm (By Email) To Admin / Management Regarding Warranty Period (1 Month Before Expire Of Warranty).
  • The Details Of Consumables Can Be Stored.