Key Features & Benefits:

  • Director, Various Deans, Wardens And Chief Warden, Registrar & Other Officers, Faculty & Staff, Students Requires Different Information From The MIS Modules. This Module Will Give Access To An Office Only To Those Subset Of Information For Which He/She Has The Access Rights-Director, Deans, Wardens, Officers, Department Heads May Require:
  • Instant Access To Faculty Details, Students Information, Accounts, Stores, Establishment.
  • Online Opinion Poll Facility – An Appointment Fixing Tool – Student Performance Analysis Tool.
  • Fund Utilization Monitoring Tool – Work Load Monitoring Tool - Project Monitoring Tool – Faculty & Staff Disciplinary Actions – Fund Allotment, Utilization & Monitoring – World Bank Project Funding And Utilization – Establishment – Leave, Promotion, Service Verification – Monitoring Accounts – Legal Matters Construction Status, Bills, Payments Outstanding, Etc.
  • Monitoring Of Purchase Procedure – Budget Preparation & Allocation Of Funds To Departments – Viewing Of General Store, Central Store, Department Store And Stationeries Etc. – Monitoring Tool For Evaluation Of Performance Of Each Departments – Student Performance Tool – Examination Monitoring Tool Curriculum/Syllabi Monitoring Tool – Academic Calendar (Showing Cultural / Sports Activities) For Monsoon / Winter Semesters – Monitoring Tool For Viewing The Progress Of Construction Works – Contractor Evaluation Tool – Payment Monitoring Tool – Work Schedule Teaching / Other Work Load Monitoring Tool.
  • Students Performance, Attendance Evaluation Facility – Mess Dues & Defaulters – Hostel Staff Information – List Of Hostel Inmates And Inmates Parent / Guardian Information – Vacant Rooms – Bulletin Boards.
  • Employees: On-Line Leave Application & Leave Status Checking Facility – Personal Leave Account Viewing Facility – P.F. Account Viewing Facility – Details Of Salary Drawn For A Period – Income Tax Calculating Tool – On-Line Loan Application Facility & Status Monitoring For The Loan Application – Details Of Loan Refunding Service Book Viewing Facility.
  • Students: Online Course Registration Facility – Self Assessment Facility For Student.
  • Attendance / Credit Status Viewing For Student – Due Dates For Fee Remittance – Campus Placement’s Company Schedules, Its Minimum Criteria Etc – Placement Question Paper Archives – Sporting Events Registration.