Placement module provides assistance to students preparing for higher education and/or career placement. This module helps in the most crucial activity of any university that is placement. Placement determines the reputation and ranking of the institution. The institution has tremendous responsibility in terms of good placement for their students. The placement module very efficiently handles everything and reduces the pressure of institutions. It maintains all the required information related to the employers and the job seekers.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • User friendly approach and Proper management for placement
  • Help in increasing the admissions
  • Details and list of Employers/ Companies
  • Unlimited resume upload with customized fields.
  • Placement requisition for the post
  • Interview setups for the students.
  • Placement module management comprises placement company details including contact details, requirements and post details.
  • Takes care of student’s placement application details
  • Placement management will mange Interviews for the students. It will minimize the task of interview setups by creating single structure for interview process
  • Helps to generate various reports related to placement