Registration Module deals with the most important feature of any university. The entire process is very lengthy and requires a lot of paper work and resources. This module facilitates the admission as well as research department by managing all the required data at the finger tips. This includes applicants details, procedure details etc.

The admission of the applicant is done by filling unique form. Authorized users can create templates of such forms which vary from one batch to the other. The form can be for admission, hostel admission, research or Phd registration and canteen registration. Registration Module Includes Application Submission – Scrutiny – Filtering – Preparation of Merit List – And Selection Process for scholarship and awards.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Recording The Full Personal & Academic Details Including Photograph.
  • Verification Report Of Documents Submitted By Candidate.
  • Scholarship & Stipends Processing.
  • User-Defined Inquiry, Decision, Letter, Checklist, Test Scores And More.
  • Easy Access To All Applicant Details, Test Scores, Visits Information, Decision, Checklist, Financial Aid, Sibling And Selection Status.
  • Candidate Can Apply Online. Their Information Is Automatically Transferred To Registration Module.
  • Email Visit Reports To candidate And Representative.
  • Import and Export Features.

Prospective Candidate/Student

  • User Defined Screen For Checklist Items
  • Checklist Items Can Be Entered As They Arrive
  • Record Can Be Readied And Then Submitted For A Decision

Inquiries Of Selected Grade

  • Easy To Use Inquiry Screen With Search Capability .
  • User Can Get A Brief Snapshot Of The Status And Also Details About A Particular Applicant Through Easy To Use Icons.

Inquiry Count

The Registration Counselor Can Get A Quick Snapshot Of The Number Of Inquiries And Applications That Have Been Submitted. They Can Also See How Many Students Record Is Ready And Have Been Submitted For A Decision.

Inquiry / Application Information

From A Single Screen, Registration Officers Can Access:

  • All Applicant Details
  • Test Scores
  • Visit Information
  • Decision And Decision Letter
  • Checklist, With Received Dates For Each Item, And The Ability To Write Notes
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Sibling Information, With Unlimited Relations Tracking
  • Selection Status

Search Results

  • Allows Very Easy Transition From The Registration Module Into The Student Information System.
  • The Registration Office Makes The Decision To Accept Or Reject The Student Application And Sends A Letter To The Student Accordingly
  • This module allows searching for scholarships and fellowships is to use a personalized search that compares your background with a database of awards. Only those awards that fit your profile are identified as matches.