Scholarship Management Module will manage all the activities related to the scholarship as well as fellowship for the scholar students. Undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships are forms of aid that help students pay for their education. Unlike student loans, scholarships and fellowships do not have to be repaid.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Generally, scholarships and fellowships are reserved for students with special qualifications, such as academic, athletic or artistic talent.
  • This module helps universities to classify scholarships for students who are interested in particular fields of study, who are members of underrepresented groups, who live in certain areas of the country or who demonstrate financial need.
  • This module allows searching for scholarships and fellowships is to use a personalized search that compares your background with a database of awards. Only those awards that fit your profile are identified as matches.
  • Student can submit their basic details; on the basis of that university will notify when new awards or scholarship that matches student’s profile are added to the database.
  • Student can even submit an electronic application to some of the scholarships listed in the university’s database, to save time and money.
  • University alumni and other private scholarship sponsors occasionally establish scholarships with esoteric eligibility requirements, such as a scholarship for left-handed students
  • There are many scholarships for average students that focus on qualities besides academic merit, as well as a variety of less competitive scholarships. There are also many community service scholarships.
  • Scholarship module protect students from the scams related to scholarships that sound too good to be true usually are Like If you have to pay money to get money, it's probably a scam.
  • Scholarship module also takes care of taxable scholarship of the university. Usually amounts used for tuition and required fees are tax-free, but you should review the rules to ensure that you report the scholarship correctly.
  • This module is helpful to the Businesses and philanthropists who are thinking about sponsoring a new scholarship.