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Online Demo


From the admission page you can enter the complete details of a new student and him/her to the University's database. This step by step process allows you to enter the student's details, parents information and immediate contact information.

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Examination Management

Here you can set up the schedules of examinations, enter the results of examinations, view the results and easily generate reports based on the available results. Fedena provides you with useful graphs that help you to better evaluate a student's academic performance.

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Attendance Management

Record the attendance of students, and view reports based on these records. Fedena can be configured to automatically notify the student's guardians through SMS and email if the student is absent for a specified number of days.

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Time Table Management

Use the intuitive drag and drop interface to set up class timetables easily. Students and teachers can view their respective timetables from this module.

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Student Management

An easy to use interface allows you to search for student records in the database and add or edit details about them. Former students can also be searched from the database if required.

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Hostel Managemet

Manage the various sectors of an hostel like mess, purchase, hostel staff management. Other hostel information like house keeping too can be looked out.

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Library Management

Library Management Allows you to have a control on all responsibilities of library like tittle issue, tittle renewal,tittle advance booking. Updation on status of titles.Teacher and student can have online information on books status.

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Digital Management

Digital Messaging Offers a Comprehensive Control System for Distribution of Information Throughout the Institution.

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Teachers Management

Teacher Interface Module Supports the Administrator, Teacher, Parent Student Online Community.

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Fee Management

Fee Management Will Manage the Student Fees under the Different Heads Like: Tution, library, computer, cautions etc.

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Advance Scheduling facilitates Fast Easy Scheduling And Eliminates The Tedious Task Of Manual Scheduling And Tracking.

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HR Management

This Module Streamlines The Diverse Payroll Processes And Benefits An Institution Provides For Its Employees.

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Financial Accounting

The Module Computerizes Any Number Of Schemes And Cashbooks For Any Number of Financial Years.

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Alumini Management

This Module Consists Of Two Primary Areas: Alumni Management And Placement for Students

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