Becoming a Partner

I want to resell and/or recommend University Mangtaa commercial products. How do I apply for a University Mangtaa Partnership?

First, please fill out our partnership application. Next, our partner team will review your application and then contact you normally within 2-3 days to discuss your application further.

I want to embed University Mangtaa commercial product(s) into my solution. Do you have a program that handles this?

Yes. If you are interested in embedding University Mangtaa. Please send us a detailed mail to . We will contact you normally within 2-3 days.

As a partner, what are the guidelines for using University Mangtaa branding in association with my company?

Please refer to this Partner.

Are there different levels of membership in the University Mangtaa Partner Program? If so, how do I decide between the different partnership levels?

Yes, there are different membership levels. Click here to read about the different levels, and to review the benefits and requirements for each level.

5. Is there a cost to become a partner?

Yes. Membership in the University Mangtaa Partner Program is an annual subscription. Each partner level has a corresponding annual fee. See the benefits matrix for the fees.

University Mangtaa Gold, University Mangtaa Silver and University Mangtaa Bronze Edition

What are the differences between University Mangtaa Gold, University Mangtaa Silver and University Mangtaa Bronze Edition?

You can learn about the differences between University Mangtaa's offerings by Clicking here . Importantly, University Mangtaa Gold and University Mangtaa Silver and University Mangtaa Bronze are commercial software offered under a standard commercial software license. University Mangtaa Community Edition is an open source project that is made available by University Mangtaa at no charge under the University Mangtaa Public License.

Why do our partners choose to build a practice around University Mangtaa commercial products?

Besides offering the many features available in our commercial products that are not available in the University Mangtaa, here are some of the many important reasons partners choose to build their business around University Mangtaa Gold And University Mangtaa Silver
  • The University Mangtaa Partner Program offers a wealth of sales, marketing, technical and educational benefits to actively support partners in building and growing a more profitable business.
  • Your clients desire a SaaS solution that is protected under a standard commercial software license, not an open source license.
  • Partners receive early access to pre-release versions of Sugar Professional and Enterprise (community previews, beta releases and release candidates) before they are generally available.
  • Pre-release training on topics such as installation, upgrades, new features and functionality, administration, and tips & tricks.
  • Membership to the University Mangtaa and Partner Forums, a critical asset to partner productivity.
  • Any customizations to Commercial Open Source must be made available to the entire community. Many clients may view their customizations as a competitive advantage and would not want these made publicly available. This does not apply to the commercial license.

Do the licenses for University Mangtaa Gold,University Mangtaa Silver and University Mangtaa Bronze allow me to make code level modifications for my clients?

University Mangtaa's any package will not allow you to make code level modification for clients. For the differences again please visit Partner Type Page.

Marketing & Promotion

What can I do to promote University Mangtaa's products and services?

You can place banners and links provided or approved by us on your site or send emails to your opt-in subscribers and customers to promote UniversityMangtaa’s products and services. Besides, you can also manually create customer accounts in your partner portal.

I'm not familiar with scripts. How can I use your marketing materials on my site?

It’s very easy. Just log into your partner account, copy the code of the marketing material you want to use and then paste it where you wish it to display on your site.

Can I modify the marketing materials you provide?

No. You shall not modify or alter the marketing materials provided by UniversityMangtaa’s in any way without our prior consent.

Can I use email blast to promote University Mangtaa's products and services?

Yes. We generally approve mailings so long as the recipient is already a customer or subscriber of your services, and can unsubscribe from future mailings.

Can I integrate your software into our system and charge our customers for it?

Yes. You are welcome to integrate our software into your system and provide it for your customers. It’s also reasonable for you to charge your customers for the services you provide

Do you offer white-labeled products or can I remove the Powered by University Mangtaa's logo?

No. Our logo cannot be removed. Branding is our most important goal currently. You may have your logo together with ours.