What Is University Mangtaa

University Mangtaa is a versatile and comprehensive application, precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficiency of educational institutions. It is developed for enhanced interaction between students, teachers, parents & management.

University Mangtaa is a University Management Application System that comprises each and every activity and component of University. University Mangtaa comprises 12 different modules. University Mangtaa is very appropriate and compound application for every module of the University including Admin, Inquiry, Fees, Scheduling, Attendance, Exam, Feedback, Library, Expenses, Placement, Security, & Utility.

On the Home Screen of the application you can see tab section which includes Client Login, Admin Login. Foremost user needs to login into the system by entering username and password.

  • Enter your User Name in the field provided.
  • Enter your Password in the field provided.
  • Click the Login button.
  • When you login, select the checkbox next to the Remember me next time option before you login.
  • Deselect (uncheck) this option by clicking the checkbox if you do not want this login details automatically entered every time you enter the login page.
  • Forgot Password? Option helps you to retrieve a forgotten password.

If the user is not a registered user, user needs to create an account first by entering following information

  • Personal Detail
  • Select User ID and Password
  • Type The Character Shown

Then click on Submit button to create an account.

Enter following information in Personal Detail:

Name: Enter your name.
Gender: Select your gender from the drop down list.
Birth date: Select your birth date by clicking on the button next to the textbox. You can clear the field as well by clicking on the Clear button.
Country: Enter your country name.

Enter following information in the second section Select User ID and Password

E-mail ID: Enter email id that you will use to log in to the University Mangtaa
Password: Enter password to use when you login
Re-Type Password: Enter password again; it should match with the password you entered before.

Enter following information in the last section the Type Characters shown

Enter the fight combination from given image for security reasons. Click on Submit to complete the registration and create an account.University Mangtaa consisting of different modules such as Admin, Inquiry, Fees, Scheduling, Attendance, Exam, Feedback, Library, Expenses, Placement, Security, Utility etc. Every module provides efficient functionality to automate institute’s day-to-day tasks. It provides seamless connectivity with hand held devices for routine tasks


  • Maintain information of students, faculties, batches, course structure and contents.
  • Track student batches, drop – outs and upgrades.
  • Send mail merges and bulk emails
  • Get a complete information on students pending fees / books


  • Keeps track of inquiry generation & follow-ups
  • Send targeted emails & mailers monitor counselor performances
  • Find out inquiry generation by sources do a comprehensive media analysis.

Fees Management

  • Maintain schemes and create fee plans with different discounting policies.
  • Collect fees and print fee receipts
  • Find out fee collection fees receivables & fees overdue.
  • Find out total sales for a period, course e.t.c.

Online Exams

  • Conduct conventional adaptive & mock exams for a batch of students
  • Maintain question bank, automate question papers creation
  • Each student is tested on a unique / random set of questions.
  • Get instant results
  • Monitor student & faculty performances.
  • Saves faculty time & exposes students to modern testing methods.


  • Create feedback forms
  • Take online feedback
  • Analyze the collected feedback on different categories.
  • Conduct faculty appraisals as well as identify problem areas by severity.
  • As students identity is concealed get more accurate feedback


  • Record individual / batch attendance
  • Analyze students / faculty presence at classrooms and labs.
  • Send mailer to parents to inform them about a students absence
  • Curb absenteeism to decrease drop out rate


  • Maintain information on prospective recruits store resumes record requisition.
  • Match requirements and filter candidates.
  • Schedule and track interviews inform students by emails.
  • Find out skill sets which are most in demand appraise placement performance.


  • Assign security access rights to individual users so as to prevent unauthorized access to your data.